Cooking, Crafts and How-To Classes

DIY Charcuterie Board – $65

In this class you will learn how to create your own beautiful charcuterie board , using specialty meats and cheeses with delicious accompaniments. We will learn which meats and cheeses pair well together and which accompaniments bring out their flavor profiles.  You will receive your own board to take home and all supplies are included . 

Oven Board ( noodle board ) – $65

This event will show you how to build and complete your own custom oven board . The boards will already be assembled, and we will choose a stain color and stain the board , you will apply your custom lettering , handles and any other embellishments ( bows, paint accents ) then we will seal the board . There will be four designs to choose from including a custom name choice . 

Chunky Knit Blanket – $65

This event will teach you a basic knitting pattern and get you started making your very own beautiful chunky knit blanket . There will be 3 colors to choose from and all supplies will be provided . 

Welcome Sign – $65

Make your very own Welcome sign to display inside or outside your home . You will choose a stain color and any embellishments you like , apply your welcome lettering and customize any way you like . All supplies provided 

Door Hanger Round – $65

Make your own custom door hanger , you will have 4 designs to choose from including a custom name choice , stain your board and embellish with paint and bows . I will also demonstrate how to make a standard bow . All supplies included.




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