Our Mission

We are a community driven company, always looking for ways to give back. It is important that our company strives to continue to offer our community services that build relationships. It is our mission to consistently play a role in building these relationships by providing community markets and events that encourage small businesses to flourish and the people to interact while always offering a way to give back with in our community.

We are you!

The small business working hard to succeed .. we care about what you need and how we can help you!

Customer Testimonials

You know one of my favorite things to do on the weekends is be outside on beautiful days and sometimes not so beautiful days: it’s about walking around your neighborhood and seeing what’s out there. I have done many events in this town and soon I will be doing a lot more because we are all starting to come out and meet and enjoy ourselves. Well the Montverde Market has become my home event. Jennifer Irwin Christy has had some bumps in the journey of getting a market out there for the community, But it’s not easy setting something like this up but I have to say this is my favorite spot. If you want coffee, you go to coffee shop of horrors, if you want to eat cool foods , go to blackbear kitchen, right there and orange blossom candies for ice cream  plus all of the local vendors, crafters, produce and food trucks, and live music that come each month and show you what they have done with their time and love. You will definitely see me at this market every month! 

Gigi Capria, Licensed Real Estate Broker

Hi! This is Lenies your Hummus and Flan lady. I just had to say how much I thoroughly enjoy working with Jennifer Christy from Sweet Events and Markets. She is the most conscientious vendor I’ve dealt with in any market.  She works hard to advertise each event to make sure we get the best turn out and works with each of us individually to make sure our tent locations are as comfortable as possible. 

Not only does she work hard for all of us…she works hard for all our customers by insuring that all shopping needs are fulfilled in a “one stop shopping experience” and on top of all that, she creates gift baskets for the less fortunate. 

God bless her!

Lenies Cardona